Our Vision

Synthesize the elegance of Italian design global engineering, and American customer service with the future of EV monobodied manufacturing. AEHRA is intensely-focused on creating a driving experience that is always extraordinary. For business or pleasure, AEHRA is a valued necessity to everyday life that is as beautiful as it is functional.


The mission of AEHRA is to provide customers with an unparalleled driving experience that is beautiful, environmentally respectful, and functional.



The innovative architecture of AEHRA starts from a single uninterrupted line, drawn from the front to the rear. The tapered body, inspired by a wing section, optimizes aerodynamic resistance, while the long wheelbase and limited overhangs allow the interior space to be revolutionized. Despite having the dimensions and styling of an SUV, the design is innovative, sleek and modern. The new AEHRA model with full carbon fiber monocoque will feature all-wheel drive and intelligent air suspension.




Every detail is innovative: the interior space, the double falcon doors, the mirrors inspired by racing motorbikes, the rims, the headlights, the front, the roof that flows into a wing. All these elements have been designed to create a new automotive paradigm. AEHRA adopts innovative aerodynamic management, with movable elements at the front and rear, which offer the thrill and promise of a sporty ride and at the same time improve active safety. These solutions also optimize the thermal management of the batteries and increases the range of the car.



AEHRA is resolutely committed to the use of innovative and sustainable processes for the environment. The car itself can be considered as a “manifesto” of eco-sustainability: the engineering criteria, the choice of materials and the production processes are designed with the utmost respect for nature.
The carbon used in the construction of the monocoque and majority of the body elements boasts the best mechanical and structural properties while being recycled and recyclable.
This approach also guarantees weight savings, which translates into better efficiency, demonstrating how attention to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment are the basis of our design and production philosophy.



The form language and the aesthetics find inspiration in the traditions of Italian design. The geometries are essential and elegant, the result of the blending of the ideas and experiences of the entire design team, coordinated and led by Filippo Perini. The result is a combination of elegance and sportiness, in which the sensation of contemporary excellence is born from values of technological functionality and design.
The interior space takes advantage of the monocoque architecture to offer superior ergonomics and comfort, enhancing the travel experience.

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